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Who's Using Gscraper?


  • Hey guys…..

    I’m doing some scraping for GSA and its taking AGES to scrape targets…

    I’m using footprints from Footprint factory so I have about 30k footprints. I’m running at max 1500 threads with 30 sec  timeout…

    I’m removing duplicates at scraping so I think that may be a reason its taking some time.

    Here are my server details…


    2 CPU

    60 GB

    2048 MB

    Unmetered Bandwith

    Any thoughts on why its taking so long to complete scrape?

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    30k footprints sounds like overkill.
    example: 30k x 100 keywords = 3 million searches.
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    how many keywords do you have ?
    what about your proxies ?

    Also don't remove urls in scraping . Do one thing at a time
  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2014
    I use it. 

    I'm sure SER can scraper faster. 

    And I would like, this is the best solution to be put first on a comment by example. 

    I do not know why but it does not allocate threads asking for this action.
  • I use GScraper, too and I think this is because G bans proxies very fast which use footprints with inurl or intitle or something that uses special footprints. Second is that GScraper sorts footprints alphabetically instead of mixed/scrambled. Therefore you have lots of duplicate footprints in short time and this is also a problem in GScraper. Just my thoughts...
  • DonCorleone

    15k keywords

    I have unlimited proxies from Gscraper
  • Try public proxies found on forums and other sources .
  • if you're using gscraper then you need to limit the amount of advanced operator footprints you are using. play around with it a bit and run some tests and you can see the urls/sec increase as you simplify and streamline your platform footprints.

    with that said, how long it takes depends on how many searches (keywords + footprints) you feed it. you can let it run for a few hours, or a day, or a week.. its really up to you.

    if you streamline your footprints though, you don't need a lot of scraping to find most of the targets everyone else is using. 80/20 rule applies here.
  • This is slightly of the past few weeks....Google is now banning the private, paid proxies I use for GSA. I get my proxies from either they are all shit, or Google is getting better at banning proxies. What do?
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