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Tier1 - suggestions and ideas

Hello everybody! I always prepare my tier1 manually. My strategy is: I use to prepare 12 unique articles and post them to Wordpress, Tumblr and 2 more different Web2.0 sites. I include 2 links in the text: one to the page which I am promoting and another one to the mainpage. This is followed by GSA SER with 3 tiers contextual link pyramid linking to those 12 articles + 3 kitchen sink layers linking to every contextual tier. My anchors are: 2 keywords, 4 url variations, 6 generic keywords. After two months my results are not as good as I was expecting. I have a nice LPM arond 50, I have more than 10.000 links in every project, all indexed using GSA indexer in quick indexer mode. But I am not very well placed in SE for keywords related to home improvement niche which is not so heavy. I think that 10-14.000 links should give me a better result. Any ideas in order to improve my rankings? Or maybe 2 months is to short time period to be well ranked? I was wondering if interlinking all my 12 Web2.0 making an open linkwheel should help. Or maybe my anchor strategy is not correct? Any ideas?


  • Where are you ranked? In 2 months you should really be in the first 10 pages or at least the first 20.

    Have you checked your site on

    My guess would the the quality of links or content used going to your 2s is poor and that's what's causing the issue. Or the content on your 2s is bad or your on page seo is bad.
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    Probably I did not clarify well my problem. I am promoing several sites with different subpages dedicated to different cities or different services. I am very happy with GSA and the results are good, but after 2 months and more than 10.000 backlinks I was expecting more. In small towns I am on top1 without problems. If I am trying to compeete in a big city, I appear in 3-5 page and it does not move up in weeks. That is my problem. It receives more links and more, and more, but does not move up, it remains on 3rd page for weeks. My GSA SER T1,T2 and T3 all have 10 articles WAC created and 2 email accounts per tier. I am wondering if some arrangements in my real T1 - in 12 web2.0 articles should help.
  • I would like to have your opinion guys about giving the the maximum link strength to one specific page building manually tier 1 layers: 1. The final result will be the same if I include 1 link to this page only or if I include 1 link to this page and I profit to include another link to the mainpage? 2. What happens if within the same article I include 2 links to the same page but with two different anchor text? Will it give more strenght to this page? 3. Linkwheel as tier1: will it work well or it leaves footprints for google robot? 4. Anchor text variations: for 12 articles I use 1 main keyword, 1 secondary keyword, 4 url variations, 6 generic keywords. It is OK or you use different patterns?
  • KaineKaine
    I think article dofollow with high page rank is the best for tier1

    For maximise, surely it must be unique ... ;)

    Another good thing would be to check that the "path" (url) is not cut between the tier, and is dofollow.

    Google likes the question / answer. 

    Why not ask a question in a lower tier, and link the response in the upper tier ?
  • @nefretete - post screens of your settings and people will be able to help you :) There is not much that can be said without at least a bunch of screens (unless you prefer to write out the technical bits.
  • Dear Ferryman - I am not complaining at GSA SER at all. For me it is a real masterpiece. I have an excellent LPM <50 and more then 10.000 links to every project :). Im more then satisfied with GSA Ser, I am absolutely delighted. I propose Sven for Nobel Prize for its invention! I am quite new with GSA SER. I am only wondering if I would improve my tier1 which I am doing manually. I know that if I prepare my tier1 well, GSA will do the rest perfectly :).
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    Is this all you're doing? If the difficulty/competitiveness of the serp increases then you need to up your game, mate.

    Creating web 2.0s and pumping them with GSA should only be 1 weapon in your arsenal of link building tactics.

    Put a lil elbow grease in there brah. Get some higher quality links. Slapping together some web 2.0s, hitting them with gsa, and calling it a day for your tier 1 is not going to do it once the competition starts getting a bit tougher.

    Good luck.
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