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How to build a niche related site lists for mutiple site lists?

I search the whole forum, but didn't answer, so hope some guru can help.
As far as i know, GSA has only one site list.(* I may be wrong, correct me if I am).
When we created project for different niches, the URLs are all in this site list.
But my question is, if i have 2 project for 2 niches, one is niche A and other is niche B.
After running the 2 projects a couple of days later, i will build a verified site list, but this list contains all verfied URLs from niche A and B.
Now I want to run the 3rd project and ONLY want to use site list from Verified Niche A.
As far as i know, i can't important verfied URL from site lists, since it contains both niche A and B.
so how should I do?  thanks


  • SvenSven
    Thats true but unless you build links to blog comments, it does not really matter as sites like article sites accept links from any niche.
  • Yea, final i realize this. So I remove the niche keywords and change it to general one.
    For web 2.0, article sites, niche doesn't make any sense.
    Sven, Thanks so much for your answer. :)
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