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How to rank with GSA SER

I don't know how to rank my websites with GSA SER. I have used the program now 2-3 months but not seen any significant results. My sites are not in English. I have tried tiered linking and carefully straight linking to my money sites. Some keywords are competitive some are not. With GSA SER I have got my sites on pages 2-3 in Google and that's it. I have indexed my backlinks with instantlinkidexer and backlinksindexer, they have worked fine. Backlinks are mainly contextual dofollow links.

Should I have to continue to build links or give up. Do you have same problems...

Thanks if you can help


  • Page 2-3 is good. The answer is normally, more links. However what (broadly) is your niche, i.e. is it competitive? I Haven't found a niche yet where if I can get to page 3, I can't get to page 1 with some work...
  • Low competition keywords, do only the web 2.0's, (Blogs) with niche related articles. Then take the links of the web 2.0's. use them as your URL'S and do a contextual wiki blast to all of them. You'll be up there in 3 weeks. 
  • Do about 60 web 2.0's
  • Yes, I have done a lot web 2.0 blogs (tier 1) with well spun content (in my language). 1-2 backlinks from every blogs. Maybe I have to focus only low competition keywords and build more web 2.0 blogs.

     "use them as your URL'S"

    I don't understand that.
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