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VPS - Upgrade or new?

edited November 2012 in Need Help
Hey guys,

Hopefully Sven will comment since he'd be most in-the-know on this subject.

I've got about 6 campaigns (groups) running with on average around 14-15 projects for each one. There are so many projects because I've split them up into types, such as articles, comments, directory etc. This way it's easy to identify which link types are not performing and can adjust accordingly. My submissions per project per day is fairly low for each at around 15. This approach, however, seems to labour GSA a lot more... (right?)

My VPS is 2 core 2GB with PowerUP. Apart from SER, I'm running CS, GSA Indexer and SE Nuke. SE Nuke for the most part is idle until it triggers its schedule. GSA SER runs all the time though, and my CPU usage is at 90-100% non-stop while my total memory usage sits at around 90% total as well. I'm running SER at 50 threads at the moment.

I've considered lowering the number of running projects by joining a few of them together in an effort to reduce load. So, my question is, should I:
  1. upgrade my VPS to, say, 4 Core 4gb RAM (I recall Sven mentioning that SER only references 2gb of RAM, so if I upgrade I should have at least 2gb available for everything else, but I'm really not sure what to expect in terms of CPU load?) or
  2. am I better off getting another VPS (same size) and putting GSA on that on to run on its own together with CS and Indexer?
Other users with experiences in this - what did you guys do? What seemed to work better for you?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Sorry I can't answer this. But you can try to use the scheduler and run e.g. half the projects you do now for X minutes and let the scheduler switch to the other half after that.
  • Accepted Answer
    Don't think a smaller vps than what you already have just for the GSA will cut it, even lefting out Senuke, keep in mind you have aroung 90 projects, that is a big number, even if they are not submitting most all the time.

    I don't know if this is possible, but have you tried contacting powerhosting support, pretty sure they can migrate your VM to a better vps ou dedi for like a day just for testing purposes (like the trial you had), so you can evaluate if that would be enough power for your specific case; seems like a win-win situation, if you are happy you migrate, if not you know you need to tweak up your settings, or lookout for other solutions.


  • I'm in a similar situation as you, (running more threads), and i'm at 90 - 100% cpu also, about ram it creeps up until 90% and things start to get slow after that, but i have a half the power you have so fair enough. Have you considered a dedicated server to keep all your software ?
  • I most definitely have, yes. But I'm torn between getting an additional VPS / Dedi or just upgrading what I've got. I'm afraid of investing 3 times as much as I am now on a dedicated server only to find out that my CPU / Mem usage is still @ 90% when I move over to it, which would mean that I've simply transferred my problem at a greater expense.

    Ultimately I'm wondering if I should be running GSA on its own on smallish VPS servers and everything else on a separate server, or if I can get away with getting a bigger VPS/dedi package and be able to run everything I need to off of it, including other tools like scrapebox, rank checkers etc...?
  • edited November 2012
    @Pisco - great Idea! Unfortunately, PowerUP doesn't have dedicated servers. But yes, I like your idea of upgrading to their highest VPS package at least to see if it'll work, so thanks for the suggestion!

    @Sven - I totally overlloked the scheduler! Ok I'll play with it and see if it helps things. Thanks!
  • Ruggero, when you say PowerUp do you mean poweruphosting ? If so they do have dedicated servers (atm it only shows on the red header of the website, and not anywhere else as far as i can see) but think they even have a special deal for GSA users on the dedis.

    You can find more info on that in this thread
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I have been wondering about this too. Can any users offer insight into how many projects per VPS and what specs? I'm also getting some serious CPU consumption but low RAM...
  • @Ruggero I do have a very good range of dedicated servers, feel free to PM me.
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