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Will this redirect strategy work ?

So i am ranking some videos on youtube and i hate it when they are deleted as you have to start again . So i thought of this:-

I will buy a brand new domain and create several sub domains on it like , , etc etc . One for each web2.0 property i want to rank .

So ,

ser blast > > 301 redirect to youtube vid 

now if the video gets deleted i can replace the 301 to new video .

should i also blast to video directly at the same time ?

what are the pitfalls ?



  • ronron

    I can't speak to the YT video angle as I really don't do those. But where I do this with websites, I hit it with heavy direct links + heavy 301 for some interesting results. Not sure why it would work much differently with YT, but that's a guess.

  • Based on the limited research I've done into 301 black hat methods (which is nowhere near enough, probably) I've read that Google properties don't rank at all for that method. I did find an account of someone 301-ing a Blogspot and it never got anywhere, even though their own domains did. But as with anything, try it and find out for yourself. If we all took what Fatt Cutts says as gospel, this forum wouldn't exist and we'd all be buying AdWords (!)
  • Alright , So testing with 3 combinations

    1. just 301> youtube
    2. 301+blast > youtube
    3. just blast  > youtube
    Same keyword , same spun articles  , same keyword density same etc etc etc .
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Always best to experiment. My gut feeling is that 2) will work best overall. Please report back :)
  • ronron

    +1 @DonCorleone - I love threads like this.

  • Very interesting in deed. Will follow. This time also looking for test ranking with 301 buffer or any other deffence layer for my ms .
  • @DonCorleone I will definitely be interested in those results and what a fine contribution to this forum :)
  • +1 I'm just about to try the exact same thing with brand new domains or subdomain of aged same niche domains ... I've been just doing some PBN cheap posts linking directly to youtube video and that have helped .
  • DonCorleone  any update on this?

    I am trying to rank a video on youtube and it is currently 9th for 11K search keyword. Wondering what next. If there are other tricks to try before blasting with GSA I would like to try those first.

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    Okay it has been 2 weeks since i started the experiment , the video which was 301ed has completely disappeared from serp's , while the one which was blasted directly is at 14 th spot . I also blasted a blogger which is at 19 th spot . All for same keyword , same ratio of LSI, partial , same spun articles , same sitelists .
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    Ranking 14 on youtube or google? How many backlinks? Blasted as in spam?
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    =============================>UPDATE<=================================== the 301ed video is ranking on 4th spot in google for 6K exact monthly . If it wasn't for the dislikes on my video . I would have banked even harder . Any cheap place to buy likes ?
  • @DonCorleone so looks like it's working for you. 

    I'm working on something similar right now. I plan to use two domains to 301. One domain will be blasted with Web 2.0 and another one with SER. Will see what happens :)
  • @DonCorleone Nice :) Did u blast like spam ? any consideration for anchor text ratio ? a lot of links per day ? Thanks
  • @kiosh yes it was spam blast , I like to keep anchor ratio as diverse as possible . But people say it doesn't matter for YT churn & burn . Unlimited links per day . @system0102 keep updating your progress . I too now plan to move this strategy to a money site .
  • not truely understand the method , can someone put more detail?
  • my understand:
    1. Do several 301 redirect to money site
    2  blast those  301 redirect url
    3 also blast to money site

    am I correct?
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    What do you mean when you say "One domain will be blasted with Web 2.0" well you blast SER at these WEB 2.0 who then link to Money Site?

  • @Thunderman What I mean is:

    Web 2.0 blast > Domain 1 > 301 > YT video
    GSA SER blast > Domain 2 > 301 > YT video

    @DonCorleone I will :) I decided to add a little twist and instead of redirecting to my YT video, I'll embed the video on my new 1-page site, and then redirect to that new site :D
  • Buy aged domain and then see the real 301 magic :)
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    @dariobl you mean aged domain name with good backlink profile or just aged domain?
  • Interesting thread! Will be following!
  • stupid question is 301-->301-->work?

  • @andy I don't find anything wrong with it . TRY it
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