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HTML Timeout question

Okay so I'm running gsa on my Vps and have often wondered as to what should I keep the html timeout to!

I'm currently using 85 threads so what should be my html timeout approximately?



  • ronron
    edited February 2014

    Try it at 120 and let it run for x amount of time. And then try 180, and compare the results.

    I get overall more links at 120. It will miss a few because you are not waiting that extra 60 seconds. But you move on to new targets much faster, and then end up with more links overall. That has been my experience.

    You can also get very bad memory issues at 180. Think about it. Every thread now has the potential to be tied up for 3 minutes trying to make a handshake with a target website. I find that logic very hard to justify.

    I have had more SER freezes and crashes at 180 as well, so I am not a fan. 120 is very smooth and fast for me. I'm running at 500 threads so it might matter more for me given all those threads. Regardless of the # of threads, I still would run it at 120. 

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