SER losing targets in a project

Just faced this problem, had this happening several times before that target lists imported manually into a project are lost. Only 1 project running at the time this screenshot was taken, seems SER just 'forgets' about a couple of k target lists. Would be great if Sven could look into this. Same happens when a project is set from active to inactive and it's at 8000/12000, the remaning 4000 target URLs are just lost sometimes.

Before it makes this huge jump in the target URLs tracker, it had slowed down to 3-5 threads for a couple of minutes. After another 3-4 minutes, it loaded the remaining target URLs (there's been about 15k more) and continued, but isn't there something wrong according to the screenshot?



  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @theseo1 @sven

    You're exactly correct, I've noticed the exact same thing. You can verify this problem by setting up 10 projects and setting the scheduler to run 1 project for 2 minutes. If you have 10,000 sites, 2 minutes isn't long enough to finish them and the URLs that haven't been processed will be lost.
  • SvenSven
    those "lost targets" are still there I guess and will be proceed later. Maybe the domain was the same for all those URLs and in that case it only submits to one to not create duplicate submissions.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Hey @Sven, I can confirm they're no longer in there. Show URLs show 0 and when you start that project it immediately starts harvesting via search engines.
  • The domain is NOT same for all those domains, this is just the screenshot. This happens if you uncheck continiously try to post as well, same as with you remove duplicate domains.

    Given Brandon confirms he has the same issue for quite some time and I think there was an old conversation about this already, I wouldn't say they are still there. Neither it's just one domain. It's a mistake / bug that makes a project lose a lot of the targets :(

    Tried often enough, they are just gone. I'd say if you run SER with a big list and couple of times set from active to inactive you'll experience what we're referring to.
  • Also Import the URL's then close SER after clicking stop . then start SER again , all your urls will be lost . and 0 left target urls will be shown. This happens mostly after the recent updates , i updated SER and no targets were left . I thought ser didn't save the state but it seems it is a bug now .
  • SvenSven

    @DonCorleone sorry but I can not reproduce this or see it in code...all seems working fine over here. Is there any way you can reproduce this all the time?

    @theseo1 @Brandon Im sorry as well but right now I don't see a problem here ... still keeping searching.

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