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Links are not being uploaded from GSA SER to One Houre Indexing

 I have enabled to send the verified link to onehoure indexing. But as far as I am checking my links are not being uploaded there. What can be the reason?


  • SvenSven

    Same advice I give every time...

    Show verified URLs->Select 100+ URLs and choose to submit them using the right mouse button.

    You should see at least some error message in log or a success one.

  • I am doing also that way but in one indexing service links are note uploaded it doesn't who in batches plus Still I have 1000 credits. Means no links were uploaded to oneindexing.

    For example in Instantlinkindexer it is visible hat GSA SER links are uploaded and processed 
  • SvenSven
    please give me you account data in pm and I try to debug this.
  • I have send you a message
  • i have this problem too, no link sent to onehourindexing
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