Most links for me no-follow now ?

I had not used GSA SER in about a month, so I started up a couple campaigns about 1.5 weeks ago. I check the general progress of the links through ahrefs and to my surprise I had a ton of no-follow. In total I had around 9k links for a certain page I was blasting at but only 800 some were do follow. This is way out of the norm for me, to make things even more confusing is that I was using verified lists of mine, the same lists that I used for campaigns earlier where ahrefs showed the exact opposite, say 8k do-follow for 9k links in total.

Is there something I'm missing? What could be the reason for this ?  


  • Which platforms you are using for link building. Maybe you did linkbuilding on no follow platforms?
  • Either that or maybe they were changed? Did you look at the engine list window if they are nofollow or dofollow? You could run the list and check "try not to post nofollow links" ?
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    well I have everything the same I had before that's why I'm confused as in the same verified list posting to the same platforms which yeah include no-follow stuff. I just would think that the portion of do and no follow would not change much with all things the same still. 

    where is the place for "try not to post nofollow links " ? 
  • project -> options -> Filter URLs -> Try to skip creating Nofollow links
  • or you can rightclick on the engine list ("Where to submit") in project and select "Uncheck Engines with No-follow links"
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    ok thanks not sure how I missed that. 
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