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How the footprint made seo easy to build backlinks using GSA SER

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    Hi Qwerty,

    This is what I can share with you:
    You can import your footprint URL raw list directly. Right click on the project->import target urls-> from

    I also have the similar problem like you, but a little different.

    I have 4K URLs raw list as Footprint and I want to make them as Tier-2 backlinks.

    But I have only 25 private proxies.  I am not sure I can run the project to submit 4K URLs with this 25 private proxies.  Someone told me that I don't need to check Use Proxies box, but another friend told me that I use proxies.  I am not sure which one is good suggestion.

    I need suggestions from Ron, Sven, and other GSA experts here how I can run my Tier-2 submission  correctly.

    Thank you for your kind attention and help.

  • Accepted Answer
    @White_angel, use your proxies always. You should have no problem with 25 proxies, I would not even think about sitebans if I just had 2 proxies on such a list. If you do not use proxies, you risk a conversation with your isp or server provider.


  • thank you for your answer and then use both public and private proxies so that you can realize the difference

    without using proxy we should not run the GSA SER because if we run the GSA SER without proxy then there is a chance of siteban

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