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GSA SER stuck on started running and searching on proxylist

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited November 2012 in Bugs
Lately all is running smoothly but yesterday
the program was stuck with this being the last thing to output on the status pane
(sorry I did not copy and paste the exact phrase but I think you get the meaning)

In the settings the program checks to lower threads when not too much memory
but looking at the performance (task manager) revealed that the free memory was 4 (MB?)

I had to open up the task manager and kill the GSA SER process
and then on restarting the program everything works smoothly again

is this a bug ? maybe when searching the proxylist does not take into account the memory resources ?

All this is running on a dedicated machine from my home spare laptop with 4 gig of memory
with nothing else but GSA SER and CSx2 running on it and I have had it run for the last few days with 100 threads with no problems
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