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Newbie need some help

I just purchased SER and I`m really happy with it. I found a lot of thread with useful information. However, I still have some questions and I would really appreciate if someone could help.

1. After 2 days of running SER, I checked the verified links and noticed that about 20-30% got deleted. Is it high? Low? I assume because I don`t have a good list of target links. 

2. Is it scrapebox really good for scraping targets? Is it worth the investment? Or buying private lists will be more efficient for a noob? How is the  "Search online for site lists" feature of SER? 

3. How is the Gsa Indexer for indexing about 200-300 links per day? I read that might be slow if deep indexing is selected.

This is all for now and hope someone could help :D


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    ad 1. Links will get deleted, learn to live with it. :)
    ad 2. Scrapebox has so many uses it is easily worth the money, besides it is a one-time payment. (remember to get it with the discount)
    ad 3. 200-300 links a day is really low, so it should not really be a problem. Not using it, so someone who has it would be a better source.
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    Thanks for your answer. How about the rate? What would be a decent rate of links getting deleted?

    Btw, if the links that are getting deleted are pointed to my buffer sites, would that affect my money site? Basically, no links pointing directly to my money site are deleted.
  • the rate? - it doesn't matter much as long as you build links faster than they get deleted. The quality of your tier resources will influence how fast the links disappear though, but there is a point where no quality will prevent the link from getting deleted - it simply will. Build a good tier 1 and links will rarely get deleted - build a handmade tier 1 and your links will "never" disappear (because you built them). If links get deleted it will make your tier structure weaker, the aim is to have a positive linkflow (i.e. make more links than get deleted) this way your stucture grows in strength regardless of what happens.
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