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Article spinning the right way

Hi, I am trying to produce 500 word article spintax to use in GSA SER campaign. I have read a lot in different forums how many paragraph, sentence, phrase level spinning should be done for suppose 1000 submissions but still in doubt. Mathematically speaking, If i write: 3 alternative paragraphs for each seed paragraph 3 alternative sentences for each seed sentence plenty of phrase level spinning 10 levels deep word spinning By permutation, how many unique versions of the article can i get of about 90% uniqueness. Thanks


  • If you start spinning on the paragraph level then you will get enough unique outputs from the spintax to last you for an entire camapign - somewhere in the thousands - 10s of thousands of (unique enough to get indexed) variations. 

    90% unique is admirable, but you don't really need it that high, anything above 50-60% will be fine.

    Here's a little trick to save your sanity with manual spinning....

    • Go out and scrape lots of articles about your subject matter.
    • Break up your article into 5 paragraphs that are fairly generic, and find 3 replacements for each from your scraped articles.
    • write 2 replacement sentences for each original sentence, and then spin it all together.
    • Take out the free 3 day trial of word AI and spin the spintax on the word/phrase level automatically (this is the bit that will stop you going mad lol)

    However, if they cater for your niche, or even something close, then I'd probably just use 'article builder' or the 'leading articles' as it's easier.

  • Hey man, thanks for your time and tips. I do have monthly subscription to wordai turing plan so that part is solved :). Question 1: Should i remove the copied content/sentences or keep it in spintax? Afraid, it will trigger my favorite animal. (Probably will buy one from china when i will have enough money ;) . Q 2: What settings would you recommend for word ai? Q:3 After wordai, do you recommend further processing in some software like chimp or spinner chief to polish the content. I don't think AB cover my niche. P.S, i want to bash my money site with this content i.e using for tier 1 linking. Have a good time, Mark
  • Also, please shed some light on title building as well. How titles should be spun properly. Thanks
  • for the titles, just write a bunch of variations yourself or use any title generator (i think there are some free) and then spin them with wordai on a word level.
  • No worries, you're welcome.

    1. No need to remove the original article's content from the spintax, just leave it, it won't hurt you in any way shape or form.

    2. For what you are doing, just set it to rewrite words/phrases - nothing else, as that's all you need.

    3. After you spin it with word AI turing there will probably be a few words that are bit out of place but nothing to worry about. If you are worried, then either tighten up your protected keywords, or go through the spintax and edit out anything dodgy.

  • Thank you guys for all your help. Scraping is causing bit of problem with SCM and scrape box as i am getting junk here and there. Would you recommend scraping manually, if not mention a good content scraper. Thanks
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited February 2014
    You could do it manually, or set your scraper to only scrape from high PR article directories, as they tend to have better editorial control.

  • Make sure you spin in images if you can and add an optional paragraph or two - it will make it even more unique.
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