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Problem integrating with Captchaeater

edited February 2014 in GSA Captcha Breaker

I tried integrating CB with Captchaeater service and CB is crashing..

The service has Decaptcher api, so in CB I enabled "send captcha so following service if failed..." and from the dropdown i selected "Decaptcher API with IP"
I entered my details, hit test and all fine

At the main CB screen i right clicked on Recaptcha and hit Toggle, so recaptchas are always sent to the service.

Then i opened the web server CB page at my browser, manually uploaded a recaptcha and CB goes crazy. The same image gets processed in infinite loop without being sent to the service at all ( i have spoke with their support and no images were sent at all to them) and i need to close CB to stop that issue

Can you please let me know how to get this fixed..


  • SvenSven
    can you get me the account data in pm for testing?
  • innozemecinnozemec

    sure, just sent you a pm with the details

    keep me posted how it goes
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