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Posting to different URLS of the same domain?

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Howdy -

I can't seem to get the settings to post the same link to multiple urls of the same domain in the same project. ie. hitting all the AA blog comments of a single domain.

Could someone tell me the one setting I'm obviously missing?

PS - plz no advice about how smart it is, I understand. need advice on how do.


  • I'm 99% sure that when ser sees an engine for blog comments it will treat the urls on the domain as "different domains", unlike other platforms like wikis and directories, where it only makes sense to post once to the domain unless you want multiple posts on the same domain.
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    The test was with trackbacks. I can test for blog comments - but I still need the trackbacks in the equation leaving this issue outstanding.

    In original tests - I tried the allow multiple posts setting with 0 inbetween times and 50per acc/50 per site settings as well. It still just "already parsed" all urls and posted to a random unique one.
  • @sven

    I asked some people who have been GSRing for a while and they all had no success either - said I should tag you in thread to ask if its possible.

    Am I able to post to same urls of a domain in one campaign? Specifically if its not blog comments - but trackbacks?

    Thank you.
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    Make sure your "allow posting on same site" settings are on point, and if that doesn't let you post multiple times, check continuously post to even if failed.

    I post on multiple URLs from 1 domain without issue.

    Those are the 2 settings I think might affect it..
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