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Adding New Emails to active project. Are submitted links removed?

Hello, @Sven, I'm wondering what SER does with the submitted links if I remove emailes from an active project and add new emails.

Basically I would like to let a project run, forever essentially, but I only use site lists and therefore don't have SER scrape new targets so at some point the emails within a project will no longer be able to sign up to sites as they have already been used. This leads me to my question, it's easy enough to simply delete emails and add new ones in order to get new accounts made on the site but if I delete the old emails will SER still be able to search through the submitted links for verified links?

I won't be deleting the second option that appears when you "delete url history" which is the account information but I'm wondering what will happen to the submitted (but not checked for verification) links when I remove the "old emails."

Hopefully that made sense.




  • SvenSven
    If you remove the emails you will of course not be able to login and check for emails with verification links.
  • I figured, thanks for the clarification!
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