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Where to submit lists of URLs

I want to add my own sites to public GSA lists. How/where do I do this?


  • I'm not sure what you are trying to do.. Do you want to add your site lists to public lists? Create a thread and share away if that's what you are after. Would be greatly appreciated

    However I believe you have got a list which you want to add in SER. You can either use options > advanced > tools > import urls (identify platform and sort in). This will add your list to your identified site folder which you then can enable to be used for other projects. If you want to add the list to your submitted folder, create a project without any filters at all and import the list directly into the project, and if you want to add it to your verified folder then simply make this project verify urls. You could also just import the list into all your current projects.
  • Yes! I want to add my sites to public lists! Okay I will create a thread! thank you
  • Oh, that's awesome man. Creating a thread and giving a download url is what people most commonly do when they want to share such a thing. Thanks a bunch in advance, looking forward to trying much luck at it :)
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