Trouble with importing articles

I really find it difficult to import articles to gsa projects - there is not such an option for multiple projects. Let's say we have a directory containing few hundreds of them and want to divide them among few projects - we should be able to select those projects and import all articles just like the categories, keywords in the modify/import option. Would it be possible to add this in gsa?


  • Any solution to this?
  • busek You can do this with the %spinfolder% macro. Example:

    Artilcle Title=%spinfolder-C:\Dropbox\article-title%

    This will pull a random file from the folder.
  • Can we somehow control via this method the articles that has been used - I mean that gsa would delete them, so not to import it twice.
  • busek You can use the spinfolderdelete macro, but the better way is to specify in your project options on the Article Manager tab to not use the same article more than once (it is at the bottom).
  • Still it is problematic, as it has to be entered in every project separately - would be better to select all projects and add folder with articles so it will sort them among all projects.
  • How will it know what to import?
  • It would just split them among selected projects - of course it's not for hq articles - these should be imported separately for each project as it happens now.
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