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No targets to post to

I've got this message from one of my project: "No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting)"?
All the settings are the same as others. Your opinion?



  • Ignore if it is working and has fresh urls. Otherwise restart GSA would be the first option to try.
  • Hasn't any urls and restart GSA didn't solve the problem...
  • As the message says, have you made sure that you're not being blocked by search engines or havn't choosen any way to get urls other than scraping? I also get it rarely, but I always ignore it as I'm getting possible targets within minutes of getting that message, if not sooner.
  • Is very strange, I have many projects with the same settings and at this only is happening. I've got only few links within hours.
  • Im having the same problem, telling me no engines match, already parsed, etc with barley any verified urls
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