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Cheapest Captcha solving service?

What is the cheapest captcha service you are using, and also that doesn't require paying VAT tax like DeathByCaptcha?


  • DBC is by far the cheapest and it also works pretty decent...
  • For me DCB is not cheap because i have to pay vat tax.    
  • The cheapest way to solve captchas would by far be GSA CB. It has before saved me hundreds of dollars in just a single day, so it's well worth the money. However you should have some recaptcha solver or something else if you wish to solve everything as correctly as possible.
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    @emilt9 I got around DBC's VAT tax by paying with avangate (that's what they use if I remember correctly), then selecting country: US and just putting a fake US address in there. Then doing a normal checkout via Paypal. You have to try it a few times and refresh the page before checkout, sometimes it works, sometimes the VAT doesn't get removed, it's a bit hit and miss.

    And yeah, using a OCR like CB or a monthly service instead of something like DBC is highly recommended for SER. It will just burn through your DBC credits like crazy.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    i use CB and CS and Eve...nice combo IMHO
  • Cheapest Captcha solving service is Pixodrom
    0.04$ - 0.07$ for 100 CAPTCHAs
  • How's the success rate with pixodrom compared to DBC?
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    thanks will try pixodrom and see if it works
  • Pixodrom accepts Bitcoin payments!
  • too much of a hassle if they don't accept paypal
  • Check out Solving Captchas At $0.7 Per 1000 Captcha Solved!
  • This thread is from 2014... over two years old.
  • This captchasolutions are assholes and crooks they don't answer on tickets opened on their site, i contacted them here on forum this solvecaptcha crook doesn't reply on messages when i send them SS of solving rate, their solve rate is 0.01%. 

    Ignore them if Sven doesn't want to remove them from the list!!!
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