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Why Gsa do not stop when it reach my daily verified limits?

I use to verify my links once a day manually but if I do not stop it it will verify hundreds of links , is this problem solvable?


  • SvenSven
    Why not use a custom verification time and set it to 24h + remove link after 1st verification?
  • @Sven in this way it will stop when it reach the number of verified I need? WHat does it change with remove link after 1st veri ?
  • SvenSven
    please read the mouse over hint.
  • I found an answer about my question , but I still HOPE it will stop when it reach verification numbers I set on mu projects... or it will keep on verificate without stop..
  • You do realize that just because you stop SER from verifying more links does not mean that you have not created more working backlinks. Verifying simply means that SER is confirming whether a submission has resulted in a working backlink yet. It seems very pointless to use the option to stop SER from submitting more after x verified links per day, if you are verifying your links once a day. You will not be able to control the amount of verified links created in this way.
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