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Low web 2.0 success rate

Well, i have been playing with GSA SER for a while and this is such a good tool ! But, for some reasons i am having very less success with web 2.0 platforms. And i am using just GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER so i think it has something to do. 

May be i should other captcha services and try for just web 2.0 platforms. Any one having good success rate with GSA SER default web 2.0 sites ?? Can you share ?

Also i am going to try out the GSA SER ENGINES but before i do that i want to give a last shot on testing web 2.0 sites success rate ! 

What kind of success rates are you guys getting ? Well, i am going to get some captcha services and test out with web 2,0 platforms and see what i can crack, right away !


  • They aren't updated much because web2.0 forms are changed often. You could try but it's not free.
  • Hey thanks for you answer ! i did read about that web 2.0s forms are changing and they provide some kind of automated username and password by the platform ! well i am trying to see what success rate i can get from web 2.0s ! testing it at the moment ! i will definitely try out GSA SER engines as well. I hope they update their API as per the updates of web 2.0 forms
  • SEREngines update all the time, it's quite good. I use with with CB and even with that it's much better than regular web 2.0s
  • cool ! tested with GSA default web 2.0 platform ... too slow and very very low success rate, what is the success rate with SEREngines ?
  • It depends if you use manual entry or not. If you do its about 50-60%% (for me).
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    I use FCS for my web 2.0's...i do have serengines to but nothing like FCS...have about 15,0000 web 2.0 great
  • @steelbone : what is FCS anyway ? fullcontrolseo or anyother stuffs ? 
  • Between anyone used money robot ???? That tools looks neat ! 
  • spunko2010 : thanks for your effort ! I will check with the SEREngines and let you know
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    yees full control seo
  • But that looks like a tutorial not any kind of tools :S
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    you create web 2.0....pdf sites and social sites...then post to them using there system...i love it
  • i see ... will take a look into it ! thanks :)
  • isn't FCS = FCS Networker ?
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