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What is success rate with emails created in Cpanel?

From DonaldBeck videos I noticed he uses his own domains for emails. Has anybody already tried emails created in Cpanel for GSA? Maybe their email servers are not so strict like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo and we could create more links and save money.


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    *Thier email service*

    No , it is your email service now . You own the domain , you just need to buy a cheap hosting which don't mind too many incoming mails ....

    Yes there is a benefit of using catch all , you can register unlimited times on same website with just 1 email account .
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    @DonCorleone Isn't the mail server owned by hosting companies and not me? For example, I have Hostgator and Hostwinds, so I assume if I create emails there I will be using their mail servers. Now the question is if they are strict as public ones. 

    I am planning to buy one dummy domain name and create 100-200 emails (not alias catch all) in Cpanel but I am worried if their mail servers are strict and have spam filters. Last time I checked my email from Gmail which I used in GSA project it had like 40.000 emails in Inbox. And it was only for 2 project. Will it rise red flags?
  • The problem is usually the not with your host, but with the email blacklists.
    If they see spam registrations from a number of **** emails, they simply ban the entire domain, so all future emails will be banned.

    Of course they cant do this with gmail, hotmail etc as they are huge and it would effect many genuine users.
  • @SpecialOne Yes they will ban , go for offshore hosting . Namecheap banned my hosting account for this reason . Also find the cheapest possible domain , they will be banned by several websites within a month .
  • the cheapest possible domain would be a .cc or so = free, set it up as catch all and have fun.
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