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Problem with drupal - just registering, not posting


I have a huge list of drupal sites, GSA manage to register on them, however once registration is done it just stops. When i choose to verify the emails GSA does start verifying the links but after it's done all links are verified the submitted amount drops to 0 and there is nothing i can post to. I remember i could post to drupals in the past, but now it seems impossible. Any help?


  • SvenSven
    what do you see in the log when the program verified emails? Does it find emails belonging to one site?
  • Yes it finds them, it usually says (1 Verification, 0 Login ) or something like that, so he does finds the verification links, but i am not sure if he is actually clicking on them.
  • SvenSven
    no it's not clicking on them, it's saved and on the later login/submit it is clicked. If you turnt he project on again you should see it login/submit.
  • I see, i did something like that on smaller list, no success either, i will try it again and will report results back here.
    Thanks for now.
  • Ok, so right now i'm running project on Drupal, it's registering on sites really nice, now i have a question. Should i just let it complete by it self and then clean cache and url history ( but keep the accounts ) and load up the list again and try posting or i should run email verification ? I want to note that when i'm running email verification manually its removing all my submissions i don't know why tho.
  • What ever i try it does not work, GSA is constantly trying to register on same sites, no matter it already did and once it starts verifying the emails it just removes all accounts from the base and drop the submissions to 0. 
  • SvenSven
    Why so complicated? Once it registers and verifies emails, it should be able to login and post links. What do you have as settings for scheduled posting?
  • No it does not, once it's done with registering and verifying it just sits idle, not doing anything, if i load up the lists again it attempts to register again. 
  • SvenSven
    send me an url where you see something in email verification.
  • I don't understand ?
    A lot of sites are being successfully registered and when email verification is running gsa finda the urls but do nothing with them. Gsa should click on those links to activate accounts and them go to /node/add to create the articles. But it does not click on those links from emails at all.

    I guess best bet would be to register manually or with some other software and add account data, I'll try that with small list.
  • SvenSven
    I asked for an URL where you think it is not working even though verification data is found by email.
  • I'm no techie, but I haven't verified a drupal site in a very long time.
  • I am getting those drupal verified fine. Yes, it's really hard to get a post on them but that's why they are so valuable because they are less spammed. I maybe having those identified in hundred thousands of amount but the verified list is just around 800-900 which is still OK but those too doesn't go every time. Multiple tries need to be performed.

    I use megaocr and maybe that is why the registration rate maybe good. 3-4 months back I didn't saw any much Drupal when I was not using it.

    So SER is scripting it fine currently I believe as I am able to obtain drupal links. They are very hard, but precious. Perhaps one of the best engine that I happen to love lol.
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