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Best settings for web 2.0 and youtube videos

Can someone post screenshots with the best settings for web 2.0 blogs and youtube videos? I think that would help lot of people


  • Well i am also looking for the answers to web 2.0 sites. I have low success rate very low ! so i am going to get some captcha breaking services and try that on web 2,0 only and see what i can crack up :/
  • I was looking for ideas how to rank videos but didn't find anything valuable about YT videos.

    Spam with all kitchen sink engines + Articles and Wiki

    This will be enough to rank YT video. I'm ranking YT video with such scheme sucessfully (finally)

    It works really good in long term.

    P.S. Do not forget to test, test, test and test everything. Do not belive anyone, test and test. It's very important. Run long term campaigns now, while you are reading this forum. Take action.

    I can rank videos finally BUT i do not know how to monetize them. So if your video got ranked it doesn't mean that you'll earn money form it :(

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