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Index check

Hello guys, I am getting to know more about how GSA works and over the past few days I have built thousands of verified links but whenever I try to do the index check in the verified URL list, it will run the checks for a while and but at the end of the day it will show something like [0/1282 URLs (1282 untested)].
What is the meaning of this? Does it mean GSA did no test? Is it a bug?

P.S. 1282 is just a random figure for the number of links I am testing for the index status. I have even done for as low as 10 URLs to see if the list I am testing is huge for the software, but the result was the same.



  • SvenSven
    edited February 2014
    Do you use proxies here? Else you might get banned on google very soon for this and nothing is getting checked.
  • I am always on proxies
  • Is there any other way I can check if these urls are indexed? SER is not working for me
  • Scrapebox will allow you to do this. Also you should try scraping a bunch of google passed proxies for SER and see if that makes any difference while checking index with SER. If you're using private proxies they might simply have been burnt already.
  • Hmmm! Okay. Thanks
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