Add proxy option to choose when accessing sites

If you scrape results with public proxies you get a lot of "download errors". If you set private proxies to harvest results you run the risk of banning them. When you register you can also choose private/public proxies. Is there a possiblity to add a checkbox to access sites via public/private proxy? To separate the scraping from the access and the registering?


  • under options-->submission you have lot of checkboxes to define when to use proxys (private/public/none)
  • Yes, that is submission. But there seems to be no option of which proxies to use when accessing the site before submission and after scraping.
  • i see. the only option you have is skip for identification. but this will skip public/private proxys and use your server ip.
  • SvenSven
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    Such an option will not come sorry, it's too special and I don't see a great use in it.
  • edited February 2014
    ok, thanks for the answer :) It would improve the efficiency of the software as public proxies give a lot of download errors. Those missed sites are potential targets the software will not post to. Guess I'll use private proxies then, would have preferred to keep them for the target site purposes only.
  • I think this site can be useful They have very fast servers and quite cheaper than the competition. I used it last year and was quite satisfied.
  • goonergooner
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    That's 3 times in 5 mins you've recommended them. They must be awesome or.... ?
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