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No targets to post to - please help

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I'm a noob, and within my projects I always get these errors:
"No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no URL extraction chosen)"

What does this mean? I have added a list of targeted urls, and when I click on "Show stats about left target urls" it shows me
180,000 left target urls. So GSA does not have to look into search engines but can use the left urls.

Do I need to change something?


  • What does the log say? When that message shows up, do you still see that project posting in the log or not? If not then I have no idea, but if it posts there is no reason to worry about.

    I randomly get that "no targets to post to" error but as long as there are URLs in "show urls -> left target URLs" I don't worry as I see SER keeps posting just fine.
  • thank you john for your reply.

    sadly I closed gsa after posting here so the errors are gone now. but what I remember is that gsa had stoped submitting after that error occured 3 hours before I came home. But its 2. tier, maybe there were no tier 1 urls left, I'm not sure.

    but maybe I have to disable search engines in options tab to get gsa work only with target urls? I might have read something about it somewhere.

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    The error "no target urls to post to" is project specific and doesn't have anything to do with any tiers. It means that the project for which that error occured doesn't have any sites in the cache anymore where it can post a link on. Which obviously wasn't the case when you say it had 180k targets left.

    From what I remember, using search engines has the lowest priority in SER, i.e. if you have imported lists and checked search engines, SER will attempt to post to all imported links first and once they are finished, it will start using search engines, so that can't be the cause either.

    See if this problem occurs again if you run that project and if so you can either post your settings here or ask Sven to look into it and send him a project backup.
  • thank you for your help.

    yes it happened the last few days also. when I restart next day it starts to submit links again until the error occurs again.

    with search engines I meant the ones in the options where gsa scrapes new target urls. should I disable all checked SE there to force gsa to submit to the target urls list?

  • Yes, I was also talking about search engines in options, where gsa scrapes new target urls. If you have 180k imported as you say and they show in "(right click on project) -> show urls -> show left target urls" then yes, go ahead and disable search engines for now and see what happens.
  • will do, thank you john!
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