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Useful features requests

Hi Sven, i really like that fact you update SER constantly and i have 2 features i would like to request and i think other users will find them useful:

1) automatic back-ups > the ability to have SER back up all projects at a given interval of time (1 day, 1 week, etc)
2) auto restart after crash > sometimes SER crashes and sometimes the computer / server crashes and restarts - and if you're not around, SER won't start automatically
3) start SER (and start projects) automatically with computer start
4) the most important and seo related feature, add links in articles based on keywords / anchors. the whole thing should work like this: you set your keywords in a new anchor field (call it whatever you wish, contextual auto anchors) and where SER finds that keyword in the article it adds a link on it. if there keyword is found multiple times in the article, it add the link to a random one. the user should also be able to set how many links he wants to insert, coz for example, you have 2 targeted keywords, you might want to insert only one link to one of them, or 2 links, one on each of them. with this feature contextual link building will look 100% natural as the links would be in context and not in a sentence at the start or end of the article and they won't be placed randomly in there like with the current option. this combined with the serengines, would make ser really useful for tier 1 as well...


  • SvenSven

    1) sorry you can use other programs making backups of the app data folder here. I don't want to add that to the program

    2+3) put it in autostart menu with "-autostart" as command line.

    4) It does that already. As soon as it finds the anchor text in the article, it adds the link there. It only adds a sentence or additinal link/anchor if it can not locate it.

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