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Hello, i see some mixed reviews about a recaptha service. Does anyone have any suggestions with experiance? IS Captcha Breaker going be as strong as other services? I currently use DBC but if there is a good OCR one might save me some money.


  • Captcha breaker is a great OCR and it only costs you once so you should definitely pick it up. If I can believe the stats, it already saved me around $2000 I would have paid in DBC credits so go figure (that's only the recognized count so not sure what the real number of successful solves is, there is no way for an OCR to get that kind of feedback).

    If you have the budget you can, on top of CB (not instead of it), also get a recaptcha OCR, there are a few services in the BST section here and they cost a monthly fee.

    In my opinion you should get rid of DBC, unless you're using GSA only for slow T1 building/SERengines.
  • Eve and CB, awesome combo.
  • @JudderMan did you also give captchaeater, spamvilla or reverseproxies recaptcha OCR a try?

    It would be great to have some kind of comparison one day with all of these services one by another...
  • captcha breaker is going to save you money as part of the captcha is going to get solved by software. It is a one time fee, so sooner or later it is going to be much cheaper than any service. How soon? that depends on how much you submit. I made back 1/4 of the cost of the software in 7 days or so. It will not be able to solve things like recaptcha reliably yet, but that is not the point. Will it be as good as human solved captcha - no. Will it save you money - hell, yes.
  • Im sorry I should have been more clear in my op. I already have CB, I am looking for a add on serivice to go along with CB. Right now I am using DeathByCaptcha for the one CB does not solve. I am using a software that creates and post ton's of WEB 2.0's and a huge portion of the captchas are recaptcha's
  • I was saw that spamvilla and eve are on here, is there a preference to either or, or even a better options.
  • ok so far with the free 100 captchas with eve, it solved at 27%. .50 for 1000 correctly solved seems like a good rate, but I would like to have the solved % up. Beggers cant be choosers though
  • Apart from spamvilla and eve, there is also reversproxies recaptcha OCR and captchaeater on here (just look through the BST). Haven't tried any of these 4 yet so can't give any feedback. Since you tried eve, might want to ask the other 3 for a free trial or something. I'd really love to see a comparison for all of them...
  • I'd love to see a comparison as well. Reverseproxies OCR has been catching my eye lately.
  • @johnmiller nope just CB and Eve. I used to use just CSniper. With other tools I used to use DBC and lost a lot of money. A lot. Far too much. Despite Spamvilla sorting his act out I still won't buy as I don't think that it's a legit business, sounds like one guy in his bedroom and when he has a shit fit the business goes down the drain. I'd rather not pay into that.
  • We solving recaptcha with more the 50% accuracy from last 4 years adding mollom hotmail and thousands of other captchas soon you can give us a try fixed monthly cost according to volume
  • @spamvilla - what is your mollom success rate?
  • Spamvilla when are you going to release your thousands of other captcha.

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