VPS, Dedicated And Internet Connection

I just got used to working with GSA SER, a wonderful tool and now i'm starting to use it a lot - and it's always running and i can't use my computer for anything else while it's running (and that's a bit frustrating). Plus, SER is not running as fast as i expected.

Current computer setup : i5-2500 quad core / 8gb RAM / SSD drive
Internet connection speed: to europe, i live in eu, 60mbps download and 30mbps download - to the USA and other locations i get only 2-5mbps (upload and download)
I'm running 250 threads at the moment.

I want to stop running SER on my computer and I have a few questions:
-- please consider that i'm not looking to build like 300 lpm and/or scrape at the same time i have just a few web pages and web20 properties which i'm promoting so i won't need like 100k links per day, i'll need around 10k links per day max (but i guess i'll need only 5k per day) --

1) if i go with a vps, can you recommend a few cheap but reliable solution? i'm looking to spend 20-25$ max per month for a vps (maybe up to 35 if it increases the performance radically).
   - i saw people here recommending Berman Hosting and SolidSeoVps, how are they in terms of speed and reliability?
   - For Berman Hosting, i see bandwidth 1000mbps, from what i know bandwidth is not measured per second, it's just overall traffic, so how much traffic do they allow?
   - And is that 1000mbps the network port speed? If yes, does it really reach 1000mbps or it's just a marketing trick?

2) should i go for a vps or a dedicated server? i mean, from what i see i can get a decent vps with just under 40$ (that's why i earlier asked if you can recommend a cheap vps that's good with ser). but the thing is, i can get a dedicated server for 50$ per month (xeon with 4gb ram unlimited traffic and 1gbps uplink port) - should i go for this dedicated or for a cheaper vps? i mean is using a dedicated just overkill (considering my target of 10k links per day)

3) there's the third option - to build a separate machine (i can get a quad core or even a xeon) and have it running at my house - my question about this option is, will the slow internet speed affect performance?

Thanks and looking forward to your answers!


  • You cant use your PC when GSA is running, so gsa is killing your CPU? If yes vps is not way to go.

    1) For 30$ you can get small dedicated server and im sure it will be better than VPS.
    2)  Im paying $40 for i7 2600 dedicated server. If you take a look around you can find good and cheap host.
    3) I dont think its good way to go because your download and upload to USA is not perfect (so i think its not perfect to most countries). On my $40 dedi i have ~80mbps download and 5 upload to usa. To nearest server i have 800mbps download and 600mbps upload.

    P.S. I know you need only X links but sometimes its beeter to have ability to run your GSA faster. You can allways rent half of your dedi to someone here ;)
  • thanks for the reply! where can i get a 30$ dedicate server or a $40 one with i7 ?
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