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Active(V) Theards

edited February 2014 in Need Help
I usually verify once a day all my links.
For 2-3 days now, I noticed after a few minutes the verification threads drop down significantly from 1000 to ~300 fluctuating.
Using 100 proxies and reddifmail.
Also, when I press Stop all the projects that were Active(V) get an "Important Message": All links have been verified which is not true. Anyone else experience something similar? @Sven?


  • SvenSven
    that important message is correct. Not every link is removed once verified.
  • @sven, sorry what do you mean by "Not every link is removed once verified."?
    Removed from where?
  • I'm getting the same. Have several projects where I disabled verification to do it once a day manually (by setting project to active (verify only).

    However, I always get that "all links have been verified once" message even though there are like 10k+ in the "submissions" tab left. Waiting for an hour and they don't seem to do anything. I stopped all these projects and set them to "active (verify only)" again, it now runs through a few thousand submissions again, checks emails and then the "all links have been verified once" message comes up again.

    I let SER run on "active (verify only)" through the whole night and now, 12 hours later, I still have 10k+ in my "submissions" tab. Why is this number not going down?

    Also, every time I stop these projects and start them up again, it's finally looking for verifieds again (though 99.99% will always fail at that point) and the "submissions" column goes down but only for a few thousand, then the important message pops up again and nothing happens anymore. Stopping and starting the project again seems to do the trick, but verifications seem to only fail, for whatever reason.
  • Something is definitely broken, a list that I got 10k verifieds from over and over the last few days, today I only have 3.5k verifieds, even with stuff like "continously post..." checked. I'm still on 7.71.

    It always seems like the first few thousand verify right away and then everything that comes from email verifications (and the 10k+ that sit in the submitted column) will always fail verification.

    @Sven I know that is not a lot to work with but there are no error messages or anything I could provide you. Let me know if a project backup would help or so.
  • I think you are underestimating the amount of linkloss with crappy gsa links. :(. I was alarmed myself at first, since I only recently started reverifying t1s/2s, but it is what it is. I havent checked but Im presuming that it is linkloss rather than a GSA error, that seems the most likely explanation to me.
  • @PeterParker: How long was it before you started re-verifying your t1s/2s? With my post above I was talking about simple verification, not re-verification, i.e. I verified mine after less than 24 hours, so not too many links should have been deleted by that time (compared to a timespan of a week, f.e.).

    After playing around a bit more with settings it seems that setting a project to manually verify links breaks something. If I set it to verify with a custom time, my verified count is considerably higher than if I let it submit all imported links and then verify all. Split tested across several projects with exact same settings/target lists etc.
  • i see well yes its after 3 weeks or so for me.
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