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Does option "Verified Links must have exact URLs" work for inner URL as it should?

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Last night I watched some helpful GSA SER videos and had a thought about one option in GSA SER which might cause problems at verified link count and ruin TIER linking all together! 

Let's say I rank for inner page of my site and put that in my URL field. 


In project options I select "Verified Links must have exact URLs". 


and put for example 60% "Domain as anchor text" or with other words I will build 60% of my links with anchor.


Where might be the problem you ask?

Well option "Verified Links must have exact URLs" will go out and search the submitted pages for "" even though I put 60% Domain as anchor ( It will miss 60% of your links because it searches for that exact URL "" and not "". This will cause that those pages which have domain as anchor will not be counted as verified links and you won't be able to build tiers onto them further.

Could Sven check this thread to confirm if GSA SER works as it should?


  • SvenSven
    If you use "verify exact URL" then this option is not applied.
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    @Sven Could you please be more descriptive because I don't understand what you meant? What option is not applied? 

    Do you mean when I select 60% "domain as anchor" option in GSA "Verified Links must have exact URLs" will not be applied for those 60% of the links even though it is selected in project and GSA will look for and not
  • SvenSven
    No I mean whenever you have the option checked to verify exact URL, it will not link a root domain URL.
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    @Sven In my case 60% of the links will be root domain ( so GSA will not recognize them if I put that "Verified Links must have exact URLs" option on (my exact would be Is that what you want to trying say? I know your English and my English are not perfect but we have to understand each other somehow.

    Let me try to draw for you:

    My main URL          =
    60% domain anchor =

    Option selected: Verified Links must have exact URLs

    Will GSA SER recognize and verify them too? Yes or NO?
  • @SpecialOne I'm pretty sure what Sven meant was that if you check the box "verified links must have exact URL" then your project will not even build those 60% as root domain - it will ignore the "60% root domain" option. In other words, your project will build 100% inner page links. Sven please confirm or correct me.

    If that's the case then...interesting, I didn't know that. I thought SER has some kind of database in the background where it knows that it built a root domain link on target site A, an inner page link on target site B and when it verifies, it knows which of the links should have root and which links should have the inner page link and applies the option accordingly.
  • SvenSven
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    what @johnmiller said is 100% correct.
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    @johnmiller You know what I missed the whole point I guess but I have to correct you.

    If I put 60% "Domain as anchor text" and select "verified links must have exact URL" it will NOT ignore that option and I do not know why is Sven giving you confirmation and misleading people for something which isn't right.

    My mistake was that I misinterpreted "Domain as anchor text" option. I was thinking that by selecting this option GSA will start building actual root domain URLs + root anchors. I was wrong obviously.

    The URL behind that option will still be inner page but only anchor will be root domain "". Anchor is not important. GSA will look for URL and it will be able to detect it and verify it. This is how urls and anchor would look like:


    I am still confused what "verified links must have exact URL" is doing though. 

    1) Unselecting "verified links must have exact URL": GSA search pages just for ROOT domain
    2) Selecting "verified links must have exact URL": GSA search pages just for exact URL

    If I build links to innerpage ( with option #1 GSA will look pages for just root and if it finds it will verify. 

    If I build links to innerpage ( with option #2 GSA will look pages for exact URLs ( and if it finds it will verify.

    Option 2 is useful just for sites you don't own like Youtube where it needs to find specific "/watch?v=". If I don't select it GSA will go by default and start looking pages for root domain which isn't good since we don't own it.

    Is my thinking right?

  • SvenSven

    Wait, I mixed the options up I think.

    There is the option to use the domain as anchor text and there is an option to use the root url as link in some variations. You are talking about the 1st one here I see now?

    Well indeed that domain anchor is used on some variations and is not influenced by any other option.

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    I created thread because I was thinking if I select 60% Domain as anchor it will build links to Root domain + root domain anchor. I was wrong. It will build to innerpage + root domain anchor. Honestly said you can easily delete this thread because it will confuse people. I was totally wrong.


    Could you just answer me this simple question. 


    I build links to inner page "". 

    If I leave option "verified links must have exact URL" on default which is in our case unticked/unselected will GSA search source code for just ROOT domain in our case "" and try to find it on the page? 

    If I select "verified links must have exact URL" GSA will search the source code for exact URL which is in our case "".

    Am I correct?

  • SvenSven
    Correct. That option unchecked will verify anything as long as the domain is part of the URL.
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