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Ip blocked?

Hi, GSA SER says my ip is blocked a lot. But when I stop SER and test all proxies against Google Search, they are working fine. How can I fix this? Cheers


  • SvenSven
    use the scheduled proxy search/test. Of course after some time the proxy might be ok again...just use the tester (maybe disable all proxiyprovider).
  • These are 10 semi-private proxies. Whenever I stop SER and test proxies they are working fine. How many threads should I use with 10 semi-private proxies?
  • I tested them with scrapebox, they're working as well.
  • SvenSven
    Scrapebox checks just if loads, we check by doing an actual search. Thats the difference.
  • You can use scheduled proxy search or test OR you can try  I found their service highly satisfying though I am not using it at present. Their maximum package contains 4250 server proxy.
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