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GSA Constant Backup

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I want the whole GSA SER folder in Roaming to backed up constantly.
What do you guys use?


  • I am using bit torrent sync to keep a sync of my site lists. It works well for this so I don't see why you couldn't sync the whole SER folder.

    Only thing to be careful of is that you need to disable it from keeping deleted files or it will create copies of every file, every time it changes. That means 1,000's of copies of your site lists for example. I had 30GB of these files before I realized what was going on. Manually deleting 10,000s of files on Windows is painfully slow. :)
  • @Samx this is grat tool, that i was looiking for :) ^:)^
  • Yeah, it is great. I was skeptical of its usefulness at first but I am finding more and more uses for it.
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    Samx I do not see where to disable the keep duplicate files feature...
  • @Samx same here can't find it. This program looks exactly like what I need.
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    @coneh34d @cefege Not so easy to find! It took me some research to find out what was happening. Anyway the feature you want to disable is versioning, so it isn't obvious how to find help on it. Anyway, here it is.

    * From the BTS panel
    * Right click shared folder, choose "Show folder preferences"
    * Click properties tab
    * Uncheck "Store deleted files in SyncArchive" option

    Just keep in mind it wont be keeping copies of files that have been updated, so it isn't a backup it is a sync of current files only. Make sure you have proper backups somewhere else.
  • @Samx It would be great if we could specify on how many versions of that specific file you would like to store in your SyncArchive. Updated file should be in your current folder and for example only 1 old backup version in SyncArhive (not 1000 copies). Even though it is not cloud based like Dropbox I often find myself in situations where I have to move files quickly and Bittorent Sync seems a good alternative for slow Dropbox.
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