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Best proxy config for post and scrape and after I've to do nothing

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Hi, What's the best Proxy configuration for post and scrape. I used 12 SER/CB and maybe reverseproxyOCR + 4 gscraper but Gscraper has lots of bug and it take times to scrape, dedupe lots of same URLs, then filter PR 0 mini and check only French language . I spend lots of time scrape/filter + import and I'm looking for way to do nothing, I'm French :) The best solution would be to leave SER do everything include scraping and import so what do you suggest : * for post 10 semi dedicate buyproxies + which settings for scrape with public proxies from SER ? * only semi or private for scrape and post which setting for not get banned proxies ? * reverseproxies from @acidut for scrape and post and which settings ? * Better solution ? A french coffee is offered for your help but looks like the only parisian in this forum.


  • @cander you're wrong my friend! ;-)  I'm French near Paris also. From my side I'm using all targets even outside French market and have good results but I'm using 30 dedicated + 20 shared proxies. Try dedicated ones from buyproxies they're really interesting compared to others (from my own experience vs proxy-hub)
    allez bon WE & see you next for coffee time! ;-)
  • Bro it looks like you dont know how to use gscraper - it dont have bugs and its best scraper on market ;)

    1) Proxies - you would need XXX private proxies for serious scrape with gscraper but its not way to go (google ban proxies very fast so even 200 private proxies can be not enough for gscraper). You need service where seller is offering shitload of public port scanned (note not public scraped) google passed proxies. I know 6-7 services in market, one is veeery good but it costs $100 monthly rest is cheap but nothing special or not capable for 24/7 scrape with high speed. So now you may think... why i cant scrape shitload of google passed public proxies myself with GSA? Because everyone can scrape public proxies, everyone can find them so you wont find many working. Ofc its possible to scrape good amount of public google passed proxies but you would need custom software for that, another vps and most important "know how" ;). Im using such software and its killing 2 core vps.

    2) Footprints - french sites may have different footprints than english sites so if you want to target only french sites you have to create footprints by yourself. Footprints from gsa wont work perfectly here but will also work if you add only french keywords to that footprints.

    3) Keywords - shitload of french keywords for scrape.

    Way to do nearly nothing: Gscraper + sevice offering 24/7 google passed proxies, shitload of footprints, shitload of keywords, leave it alone on dedicated server (yes dedicated, not vps - gscraper was using 40-80% of Xeon 1230v2 when scraping with very high speed). Leave it for 2 weeks, remove duplicates, filter, and you have nice list for gsa.

    Here is what speed you can get with gscraper and good proxies:

    Here is my veeery short harvesting comparision between gscraper and scrapebox scraping (same proxies, keywords, footprints etc.). Note - gscraper here is scraping 13 times faster than scrapebox !

    I tested reverseproxies, lowest package and gscraper. I was getting speed 3k per minute and its a joke for 12 bucks. So i would have to pay 90 bucks to get speed 30k per minute? I was getting stable 80k per minute with gscraper and i was "paying" for proxies only $20 per month.

    Hope this will help you.

    P.S. Waiting for my coffe ;) Ticket to paris included :D ?
  • @satyr85 thanks for your help
    I use gscraper with their proxy service on VPS and will test on a server.
    With Gscraper you get lots of dupe and it takes time to dedupe, filter PR 0 minimum and check language for import a perfect list to GSA for post quicker
    Yes I use footprints with french keywords.
    Are you ""paying" for proxies only $20 per month" or proxy service seller "veeery good but it costs $100 monthly" ?
    Which proxy service is it  ?

    Yes I offer you a coffee :) and maybe a ticket, depend where you come from, for scraping list get my sites #1

    PS : I start asking a proxy tip for a coffee and I become a travel agency for scraping list

  • @cander how many urls/minute do you get with gscraper, on average? And what proxies are you using right now to scrape?
  • cander 
    Gscraper proxy service is 100% shit and waste of money. Their service was gr8 when gscraper was not popular (january-march 2013). Now i think you will get better speed with reverse proxies or private than with gscraper proxy service.

    You need dedicated server for gscraper only if you have shitload of google passed proxies and only if you use alot threads because only than gscraper need alot of CPU power. Gscraper use alot RAM when removing duplicates from big list (for example when i was removing duplicates from 4 gig txt file ram usage was 8 gig). Thats why your VPS can freeze when you remove duplicates.

    I was paying 20$ a month for vps only for proxy "finding" and i was able to scrape with speed 60-100k per minute.

    Sorry but i cant share with you that $100 proxy service because soon (hope veeery son) i will offer google passed proxy service and this guy is my potential competitor. 
  • @johnmiller I get an average 4000 urls/minute with gscraper proxies from specific footprints and french KW, but lot's of dupe @satyr85 contact me when your proxy service is ready For don't waste time, I'm still looking for a way to scrape and post from GSA SER with a proxy service, maybe reverse proxies
  • @satyr85 gscraper proxies are really bad now. I'm still looking a good proxy service for scrap with gscraper
  • ShaNiShaNi
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  • @ShaNi
    1. Im not using your proxies. With your proxies such scrape is not possible and your proxies are far from perfect and worse than Gscraper proxies. Its not possible to perform any serious scrape with list of proxies.
    2. You are not only seler - there is also proxygo and few other sellers you dont know.

  • edited May 2014
    @ShaNi, instead of reviving threads to promote your service, why don't you get a sales thread on this forum? This approach reminds me of all those god damn likes sellers on Skype, spamming their service everywhere possible.

    It sure could have been an honest mistake, but if you read satyr85's posts (more carefully?) you'd have noticed he was talking about a $100/month proxy service and his vps for harvesting proxies were $20/month.

    Edit: Wops, looks like I was a minute late.
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