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59k verified, Enterprise Edition FRESH Auto Approve List for GSA SER

We sell a GSA SER Auto-Approve link list, our clients - everyone who needs big amount of back links, usually this link list is used for link wheel networks, and further - everything you need: white sites, adsense sites, CPA sites, etc

Update at 11.04.2014, now 59k verified, it's absolutely fresh B-) you have to get near 18k verified output B-)

Buy it now for 40$!

Technical details of links list:
- 59k verified links
- No duplicates (filtered by domain)

For production of the link list is involved:
- 5 dedicated servers
- Private proxy lists
- Other software for collection of unique resources (we do not use the standard GSA scraper because its slow)

I used this links list for two projects, this project works 5 days:

and this project works during 2 month:

Buy it now for 40$!

- How to buy the link list?
- You make a purchase at our online store and after payment automatically receive a download link to the link list.

- Did you use any software for captcha recognition?
- Yes, GSA Captcha Breaker been used as well as manual captchas recognition service (recognition for reCAPTCHA and other captures which coudn't be processed by captcha breaker).

- What else do I need to start working after purchasing of the link list?
- You need: proxy list, CAPTCHA breaker, an account on recognition captchas service (like, with balance).

- What is your refund policy?
- We will try to help you to deal with any difficulties encountered, if we won't find any way to solve your problems related to the link list, we will refund you your money.

- Can I share the link list with friend (or someone else)?
- No, it is forbidden by our rules. But you can use the link list on any number of machines owned by you.

On all matters including presales welcome to contact us:
skype: digitalnicolas


  • Looks intresting, will check out when I'm home. Couple of questions:

    How old is the list?
    What program you used for scraping?

    Will you sell a diffrent list each month or faster?
  • edited February 2014
    >How old is the list?
    Today, GSA works on server from Monday (and still works), i exported it today

    >What program you used for scraping?
    Our python scripts

    >Will you sell a diffrent list each month or faster?
    If there will sufficient demand - we will update this list often, other versions of this list not planned
  • Ready to test!
    Would like to take you up on the offer to get a review copy. I've got a dedicated server running and I'm ready to throw these links into 10 projects and a fresh project as well. I just got 100 fresh private proxies, however I only use CB as a captcha solver. Let me know if you'd like me to review it mate.
  • @fakenickahl
    ok :) plz send me your skype details in private
  • Ready to test and willing to post a review, however I have a VPS instead of a dedi. Can't see why that would make a difference though? Anyway, your decision. Either way, good luck :)
  • johnmiller
    let's make exception today :) send me skype details in private plz :)
    dedicated server required because i need get fast review, others variants (like home PC or VPS) will slow in my opinion
  • I have two vps running gsa. I am willing to take a review copy if still available.
  • jgf213
    ok :) send me your skype details in private
  • I have 2 dedicated servers - Xeon 1230 and Xeon 1230v2. Ready to test ;)
  • @satyr85
    send me your skype details in private :)
  • i used this links list for two projects, this project works 5 days:

    and this project works 1 month:
  • bought the list hope to receive it soon ;)
  • edited February 2014
    see your mail again please, there was some problems on paypal side, now all right
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    any reviews left??
  • steelbone
    weekend now, will soon :)
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    ok..let me know...thanks i run my gsa on a dedicated laptop...with CB CS EVE and DBC along with 50 proxies from
  • edited February 2014
    i started my project at 21 Feb, now made screen, project still works
  • I wanted to post a full review yesterday but right now I'm having some weird issues with getting verifications (not related to this list, it seems to be happening for all projects at the moment).

    However, what I did see with Nicolas' list so far is a surprisingly high amount of submissions.

    Previously, I got 2 verified lists, A (45k unique domains) and B (~35k unique domains).

    Stats for list A:
    10k submitted
    5k verified
    35 LPM

    Stats for list B:
    15k submitted
    9k verified
    ~47 LPM

    Stats for Nicolas' list:
    29k submitted (out of 30k unique domains)
    ? verified
    63-70 LPM

    I'm not making any of these stats up, that's what I've been seeing when testing the lists and these projects where the only ones running (one project at a time).

    Even though I haven't done the verification yet, the high submission count looks promising. I mean seriously, I've never seen 29k submitted out of a list of 30k unique domains. And that is with only SER + CB, no OCR or DBC like Nicolas suggests. If you have an OCR, your results will be even better.

    I attribute the high submission count to Nicolas' list being absolutely fresh (compared to the other 2 lists I had which were around 3 weeks old at the time of testing).

    Anyway, Nicolas' list get's a thumbs up from me and if I had purchased it I wouldn't regret it. Hopefully I can manage to get my SER verification issue solved, then I'll add my verification count for his list as well.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    I have been running the list for about an hour or far very happy with the list....seems to be cranking out verified links :)
  • I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test out this list, and I'd like to give my review of it. First let me start off by saying that I've had some major issues with my server provider being ddos'ed, ser not running optimal at all (unrelated to this list, my normal operation suffers as well), and my proxy provider has rotated my proxies quite a few times, which I did not realize until a significant time had passed. Due to this I've not been able to properly go through all the targets yet, but I love what I have seen so far!

    14k verified links so far, and I've still got 8k more submitted links that has not yet been verified. I've only used dedicated private proxies, CB (2 retries), and 400 threads and I managed to get a lpm around 100 while running only this list. While looking at the SER log I've very rarely seen any error messages (download failed, no form at all, etc.) and I would not be surprised if SER would have posted to the vast majority of the URLs if I had not had all this trouble.

    I will be going through this list once again as I'm getting pretty confident that my setup is getting back to normal again to properly review it. Also, the seller provided me with an awesome looking bonus which I'll also be going through and reviewing shortly.

    I just wanted to leave my first impression of this list and I'll be getting back again shortly. I just think even though I've had quite some set backs while going through this list, I've seen awesome results so far. It definitely is a list worth buying. Also the seller is a great guy, who is very polite and helpful. One of the best sellers I have ever dealt with and I didn't even pay for anything!
  • edited February 2014
    I also have reviewed this list. Here is a screen shot of its use in my Kitchen Sink Tier for one day:


    I am using this list alone right now to review it, and as of today I am still running the list...with good results. 
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    no need for me to show stats....there just like everyone else....this is probably the best list i have used......hope he adds new lists each month....i will be a frequent buyer thats for sure
  • What are your SERPs after using lists like these ? Till present moment I had been concentrating on using contextual links, not sure what are the results if using lists like these..
  • edited February 2014
    good list.
  • really amazing list, it doubled my success rate from other list :)
  • Update! 38k verified, all customers will get this time update for free! (email delivery for customers will be soon)

  • We appreciate.
    Will test and review it soon ;)
  • RayBan
    It depends of your competitive of keys, if its low you can promote it easy, if not - you cant get result
  • edited March 2014
    I have received the list and - what a great service - an update of the list for free. Many thanks. I tested the first version on a second tier of one of my money sites and got so far about 60% verified by now and I only used half of the list by now...looks great! 
  • Very good results on this list too !
    + Nicolas gave me some tips to improve the results on this list !
    Thank you Digital_Nicolas !!
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