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Can We Get a Big Save Button?

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This has been happening way too many times, I set up everything for my 500+ projects, then an update comes along. I love the updates but the fact that it wipes all of my previous settings is so frustrating. 

Example: I have all contextuals running on some projects, today after I updated from yesterday's latest update, all of those projects had ALL engines ticked!!! I noticed all of my projects: 20 groups, 500+ projects and ALL engines were wrong and not what I had originally checked. This led to thousands of backlinks overnight being redirects, URLs, referrers etc and not the web 2.0s, wikis, articles that I wanted. As I've been managing to get 150-200LPM from my set up it's meant that overnight it must have been running at 400+LPM on the junk engines.

If we can have a SAVE button that would be great that saves all settings, filters, engine selections etc. Then when we update everything doesn't change. Why do I think this happens? Before the update box changed there was a warning that said 'Any unsaved work will be lost'.........but there was no way to save the settings. 

I know this might just be me as I haven't seen anyone else have the same problem, but for the time-being it's making me not want to update SER at all as going through and manually changing 500 projects isn't something I want to do everyday. Plus, I can't change them in bulk as each project is different and has different engine selections in most circumstances.

Hope you can either help if it's just me or if it helps everyone.


  • Are you aware that you can save engine selections? It will not solve your problem completely but will ease the pain a little.

    go into campaign -> right click in engines window -> save engine selection (at the bottom)

    I must admit I don't have the problem with engines resetting themselves on update either...
  • Yes mate thanks, I already do that, this is the only thing that makes selecting them all over again a little quicker. If I hadn't saved my T1 T1A T2, T2A it would take forever. 
  • I don't have any problems with updating either, so far...

    But, I've never updated from within the program. Whenever, I see "Any unsaved work will be lost", I quit SER, download the update from,

    to my hard disk, and install it from there. That way, I know SER has successfully saved all its files (when it quits), plus I keep a few older versions, just in case the new version is buggy...

  • Hmmm...just me then. I have rolled back to previous versions (it's old_version.ser or something) but it's like it just wipes everything. I do this if the new update is buggy too.

  • Sorry dude, just wanted to make sure you were aware   :)
  • No probs man, I appreciate the answer as it might help others :) 
  • @Sven - could we get a chance to 'save' everything. I've just updated to the latest and lost all settings/filters/engine selections everything has gone. Nothing is ticked, nothing is how I left it. I've reverted back to the previous version and everything has gone. I haven't touched SER since Friday and everything was working fine. 
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    JudderMan I have never had an update alter my engine selections. That is weird. You could manually backup your .PRJ before updates with a simple batch file. Just copy that text, paste it into notepad, and save it as SERBACKUP.BAT.

    ECHO This batch file will backup your GSA SER project directory into a folder named
    ECHO by the date of the backup in a project-backup folder in the same directory
    ECHO as your production GSA SER project folder.
    md "%appdata%\GSA Search Engine Ranker\project-backup\%date%\"
    cd "%appdata%\GSA Search Engine Ranker\project-backup\%date%\"
    copy "%appdata%\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects\*.*"
  • Thanks @coneh34d (Eric, think I have that correct) that's awesome :) Not sure what the hell is happening with my projects losing settings, it's been happening for 2 months. Drives me up the wall.
  • No problem... and yes it is Eric
  • Another simple button could be a big red QUIT button, exactly like the ones of Captcha Breaker and Seo Indexer.
    Because when (sometime) Ser crashes, the top-right "X" doesn't work, and I have to force the close with ctrl+alt+canc
  • @peterperseo +1. When SER crashes and bugs out, it disables a lot of things lol and as a result...force closing it makes your project's progress being lost.
  • +1 @peterperseo - same as Pratik, can be annoying!
  • Before Sven comes out with a Big Save button, you can (at the meantime) just Quit SER. This forces SER to save all data to disk...
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
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    Sometimes SER just doesn't want to quit :)
  • Still would like a save button. Lost all data/options/settings on one server. No update, nothing changed since yesterday, no server problems. All projects (158) have no engines ticked and no search engines, all content/macros are in place still.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    You can just back everything up from time to time.
  • Still need this. Every time I change ANYTHING in ONE project it resets all projects (120) to Document Sharing engine being ticked frustrating.  Only happens on one server, my oldest, but even if I change something simple like post to same sites all projects reset to just having Doc Sharing engine ticked. It's driving me mental. Any ideas? I've tried using Notepad++, no different.
  • I would like the save button to save active/inactive projects. When GSA gets the out of memory problem or freezes up this does not save.
  • It's getting out of hand now with this one server. I have various groups of projects, some with just one type of engine ticked, and every time I press start (after changing all of the projects one by one) I go into the social bookmarking project and it has Doc Sharing ticked and same for Web 2.0 etc and so on.

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    so you change a setting on a single project and all of your projects change?

    I would backup your campaigns, open your projects folder and make sure it's empty.

    If that doesn't work, backup projects and backup settings, uninstall and reinstall. I don't have that problem on any of my servers.
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    Yup just done that, every time I went to backup I'd spot check and they'd changed back....after 120 project changes one by one I'm going mad here LOL. 

    I have managed to get a backup now, thanks. Back to 150LPM ;)

    Will reinstall soon after I check that it's running right.
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