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Hello guys . Today I bought myself an SSD . I bought a Kingston 120GB HYPER 3k . Just finished installing windows 7 on it on my Home Pc . I use my SSD as C  Drive ( Run on it windows + All programs ) and my old HDD 7200 Rpm as Storage . I just installed GSA and CS and i made a test with it .

I have 10 Private proxies for submission ( 100 mbps connection each proxy ) . 
Running 300 Threads with 40 Seconds Timeout .
I have 100 Mbps internet connection , so thats pretty good .
As other config for pc I have 8gb Ram + Intel Core i5 3.40Ghz quad core .
ATM the ssd is connected on SATA 2 Port , so its using half of what it can do. Soon I will get a 6gb/s Sata III motherboard + some 6gb/s Cables.
Captcha Solving Service: CS only

With my old HDD i was getting 150 maybe 180 max with same verified list. ( never passed 180 ).
Here are results I got with  300 threads + the ssd. ( 10 proxies only for submission ).


I have a constant 270 - 300 LPM now. 
Now my question is . For even alot more increase of LPM , should I use more private proxies ? Like 50 ? Can that help increase the LPM too ? 


  • How its looks like for only contextual target sites ?
    It usually slow down "a bit" (:
    My max was 50-60LPM in that case.
  • Well , atm I run 2 projects . 1 with Blog comments + Trackbacks , and the other with Articles and Social Network articles . I stopped the blog comments for 5 mins ... seems I get 130-160 LPM with contextual  only.
  • That's great man, I'm happy you've been able to achieve this. It's great no matter what. However you should let it run for hours if not a day(s) to find out what your lpm is realistically, because it's not normal to only run a project for 6 minutes.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Your screenshot shows less than 2k submitted. I would be impressed if you were able to sustain that number for a whole day.

    Regardless, the SSD does in fact seem to help.
  • ronron

    Nothing unusual about hitting high numbers with a great list. Show us 23hrs and 59min of data to really demonstrate something - that's how we do it around here. Nonetheless, kudos to you.

    It has less to do with your system than you might think. I have a weaker setup that has hit 400+LPM. There's a point with the CPU+RAM where you have 'enough', and a lot more investment really doesn't payoff.

    I like your system, and you will do great with it. Try jacking up the threads. 

  • Impressive! I'm getting about 40 LpM only - although it is across 5 copies of SER so 200LpM I guess overall. I was never able to add more to 1 server even if it had massive resources, always froze when I put in more than 400 threads per machine. I have no idea why.
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