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Verification not happening at expected rate


I'm having a bit of an issue I think. My submissions do not seem to be verify at all.
The first one on screenshot below was started yesterday.... only 1 verified out of 17k submission.


I use Hotmail accounts, all POP enabled. Not blacklisted.

Two questions: 
1) which proportion of links are usually not verified in average case scenario?
2) how many e-mails do you usually set up for one campaign? I only use 1 or 2, could that be the problem?

Thanks for your help.


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    Ok seems this question was asked already yesterday: 

    But no answer directly. More screenshot below for my case in case someone could help a bit.

    Below is my e-mail set up. I only use 1 e-mail. Would it help to use more than 1?


    Below is my Thread/Proxy set up.

    This is where I'm trying to submit.


  • Yes, use more than 1 email per project. Also, right now you have 17k submitted but SER still hasn't verified any of them yet. Give it a try, right click the project and select "verify only" and you should see your verified count increase.

    Then go into your project options and look at how you've set up your automatic verification (once every x minutes, for example) - looks like you have that disabled so SER only submitted but never started verifying any links for your project.
  • @johnmiller
    I did exactly what you said, and the 17k went down to just 1k, and verified from 1 to 72.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    Spot on regarding the option mess suggestion you made. For this particular campaign, it was not verifying at all.

    Still on the learning phase about GSA but this forum is great and very helpful.
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