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New Here/Have Questions/If any one can help Please : )

linkedseolinkedseo NYC
edited February 2014 in Need Help
 Hello, I'm new to this forum, It's a pleasure to meet all of you fellow GSA Ser enthusiasts/SEO's.

I have a few questions about GSA Ser if anyone can be so kind to answer them for me. Please excuse me if you think I am asking a lot of questions but I am just very interested in learning to use this exceptional tool.

 The thing is I have been doing all my link building manually for years so automated link building is new territory for me. I’m not totally blind to the process but there are just some things while using the tool I would like more info on or why some things happened that seemed odd to me.

For some reason when I chose blogs or wikis GSA searches for the sites but I never get results on any blogs or wiki sites. I use to but not anymore.

Also it searches for a very long time and only comes up with a few results mostly track backs, forums, and blog comments. We’ll actually I haven’t used the other linking features much. But mostly that’s what comes up. Today out of 500 + I got about 120+ verified links.

Does your IP have anything to do with it if its dynamic or static?

Also one thing I know was bad is my internet servers email Time warner road runner email got blacklisted on like 4 lists by my IP, and they told me that was typical for a dynamic ip address.

But I use a PRO VPN now that circulates 64,000 world wide ip’s every 2. Min so my IP is hidden like I was using proxies. It amazing! So now its like have 64,000 new ip’s on my laptop.

Also I get high CPU’s and memory could that be a problem do I need to get a VPS and lower the cpu and memory.


Well that’s all I have for now. Thanks for your time.




  • Yes, you need a VPS unless you have a spare computer at home and a 100mbit line. It's normal to get a lot of submitted but only low verified counts (due to moderation, deleted links, signup emails never arrived, site down and all sorts of issues). If you want to get blog and wiki links specifically then uncheck the engines you don't want i.e. trackbacks, blog comments and forums, as those are usually the ones you'll run across most often.
  • Thank you
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