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Building links

Im running the 4 Subdomains in GSA SER for 2 days in tier 1 i can get only 100,50, 30,93 verified.incase if i want to get 1000's of verified links what should i do.any one please help me


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    Do you have your own list, do you use private proxies, do you run your SER on a VPS and if so; what are the specs?

    There are to many variables to just give a simple answer with the provided information
  • I use both private and public proxies and I use GSA SER in remote server
  • what should I give in "primary match anchor texts and secondary match anchor texts"  in GSA SER.

    it is very confusing.

    then should I use "only the main keyword without specifying the relative keywords for the main keyword" in Anchor text box in GSA SER?

  • can you give the steps for how to do the tier 1 projects in the GSA SER
  • depending on how you set up tier one it will not be possible to get 1000s of backlinks to tier 1 in a matter of days. Either you have high pr targets, which gives you low link count. Or you have low pr targets, which gives you links fast of lower quality.
  • How many links should I build in tier 1 to go for tier 2 link building.

    can you please help me to this question?

  • Thank you Ferryman for you answer
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