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Hello sir . I want to personally thankyou for the Title Generator for articles and others you included in 7.70 and 7.71. That title generator feauture is freaking awesome :D Excelent ideea to implement it. 


  • +1. I've never purchased a software app before where I was so impressed with support and constant tweaks, fixes, updates and responsiveness. If I had a spare grand I'd donate it but still in the "figure out how to rank and make money" phase L-)
  • SvenSven

    Your welcome. :)

    Actually like almost everything I add, it comes from you guys suggesting it like the Title Generator. So even if it might sound stupid, suggest things...maybe it is worth it.

  • @sven - where does title generator pulls its titles from ? Text or just random phrases from internet ?
  • I love that random title option, thanks for putting it in there :)
  • Thanks Sven, this is awesome. I put a link to some title generators then 2-3 days later it's built into SER! Amazing!
  • SvenSven
    titlegen.dat has the date in it...feel free to extend it to your needs.
  • I also would like to express my thanks. You are one of a kind. Much respect.
  • I only just saw this feature. Thanks, looks good. My favourite recent feature is the ability to add bold/italic/etc percent. I have always thought Google looked at this.
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