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Ahrefs and verfied ...

So i setup a campain blast the shit out of my youtube videos it has like 35K SUBMITTED 10K Verified I check Ahrefs its 500 backlinks whats wrong? I waited like 4 days now.


  • Ahrefs is a 3rd party crawler which does not come close to the resources which google has. The only thing which should matter to you is how many of your urls has been indexed in google.
  • How would I check? i have 25K Verified List how would i check on google?
  • use scrapebox or check manually
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    What indexer you using?
  • Use a good indexing service. I use the Incredible Indexer, and it is worth every penny. Matthew Woodward ran a study that found that Majestic, Moz, AHrefs only find about 30% of your links.

    Those services are tools that show trends and patterns. They are very useful, but take them with a grain of salt.
  • I use GSA indexer.
  • How much backlinks would u say u guys create every day?
  • mostly (for me) the ratio is the following: 10k verified links -> 4k found by ahrefs
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