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Only Get 4100 verified links from gobal list for 3 days, Can anyone help?

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Hi, newbie here. I've read a ton of the advice here( such as @ron, @davbel, @LeeG, @gooner, @Satans_Apprentice etc), thanks all guys. I get a 20+ LMP from 0.69 based on that advice. Few days I bought a list and follow Satans_Apprentice tips: Options > Advanced > Tools > Import Site Lists, but I think there is something wrong with my options or operations, it takes about 3 days to sort and identify, now, I only get 4100 verified links. However, I've been reading about people getting 50k links verified only one day. Can anyone help me out? I've included my settings here. SolidSeoVPS( 2G) ( UD+GSA+SB+CB I'm doing Tiers 2 and 3 of 3 projects by GSA and UD for tiered 1 link building) Using 25 proxies from Buyproxies GSA CB as only captcha service image image image image image


  • goonergooner
    I think the problem is that you used "sort and identify", that is not really necessary when you have a verified list already. Just import the list into an SER folder you don't use (such as "failed") and choose all projects to use global list -> failed.

    You should get higher LPM.
  • You should also have at least 10 Email accounts per project. 
  • How many proxies do you have? And with 180 threads, you might want to increase your HTML timeout as well.

    Also, you have "use proxies" checked but you didn't define for which tasks a proxy should be used (hint: public proxies for scraping and PR checking, private ones for posting) - right now you're posting with your VPS IP, which might cause a low verified count.

    On a last note, how big was the sitelist you imported? You got 4100 verified links but we can't put that into relation without knowing the size of the original list.

    And am I right that you imported your sitelist into the "identified" folder?
  • @bizburger - yep, currently you are not using proxies at all. check all to private if you have some.
    -increase html timeout to 120 seconds
    - put your list in Settings - Advanced - Failed or Submitted (choose one folder). You don't need to save any other list than those you can verify. Afterwards in your project options let the project use the folder where you put your list (failed or submitted)
    - allow posting to same site again if you want to get higher lmp.
    - no need to identify your list
    - use external service for recaptcha solving.

  • Gotcha, thanks guys! @milfel3583 the list has 50k verified sites and yes, I imported your sitelist into the "identified" folder. Now, I'm embarking all advice on the project.
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