Account suspended by my VPS provider - proxy set up question

I received an e-mail from my VPS provider saying that I had malicious behavior and that they had to suspend my account.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have received the report that your server ( is attacking other server over the internet. In order for us to stop the malicious activities from your server, we have suspended the service. Please reply this ticket for resolution within the next 12 hours. Failure to respond within the 12 hour window will result in service cancellation and no refund will be applied.

They sent me the logs and all the malicious activity is from the VPS IP. I'm using private proxies, and I have tested a dozen of public proxies too. Though, I'm very surprised I have been flagged considering this was my first day using the VPS. 

I'm relatively new to GSA SER, and I'm wondering if I'm not in fact messing up with the proxie set up on GSA. This is how it looks on GSA. To be sure it is using my proxies, do I have to tick Private/Public? I assumed that when I ticked for instance Search Engine, it would use both without having to tick them.


I would be mad if I got banned by my VPS provider, cause I found what seems to be a beast for a good price.


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    Yes, you have to check public or private, depending on what you have your proxies set as.

    Right now you aren't using proxies.
  • Damn...
    Thanks for the tip.
  • SvenSven
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    Next version will try to prevent this misconfiguration.
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    Use public proxies, I use VPS & proxies from this provider.provider. They are good and coast worthy!
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