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looking to buy your 100k-200k verified list

pls message me. 

i only want a list that is used by you and you only

im building a list but its taking too long so i just wanna buy one and build from there.


willing to spend ~80-100


  • SvenSven
    You have plenty of people here in the "Buy Sell Trade" section offering the lists. Why not having a look on that?
  • Why not have a look at the lists in the buy sell trade section?

    Because the lists sold there have been sold to dozens of people already. I purchased a verified list once that apparently would have 30k+ unique domains but even with all filters turned off and all engines checked I maybe got 2-3k verified links out of that. A pure waste of money, at least that was my experience. These lists have been hammered hard already so no wonder OP wants to purchase "a list used by you and you only"...However, not many are willing to sell a list they spent half a year building up.
  • Yep, cheaper to buy a few VPS/dedis and run up your own verified list.
  • goonergooner
    There are some decent lists in the BST section and some even better lists to come... Watch this space!
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    edited February 2014
    @whudafxupp I have a service that provides a fresh list each month. If you want to PM me to talk about it you can.

    @johnmiller Would you be talking about my service? I don't see any information that you would have purchased from me.

    Having a low success rate like that with a verified list could mean so many different things, and none of these means the list is bad. This goes for all the sellers.

    1) What kind of proxies are you using?

    Shared proxies get hammered on sites by all the people using them and do get banned. More and more sites are checking IP blacklists as it's very easy for them just to install a plugin to do this. And I don't care what anyone says about shared being better than dedicated. All the people in my Skype group have seen that dedicated works better than shared.

    2) What are you using for solving captchas?

    Having just CB these days is not cutting it if you want to get more verified links. More and more sites are moving to using ReCaptcha now. I have noticed this because I process a few million URL's daily to build my service list. You need some type of OCR to solve these ReCaptchas as CB success rate is not good enough.

    Now this brings us back to the proxies again. With all these sites using ReCaptcha, if your threads are higher than the amount of proxies you have, you can bet that your Proxies will get banned on the ReCaptcha service and any sites using it, you will not be able to join because the ReCaptcha image will not show.

    I've even seen proxy bans on other captcha services already. If your getting the URL Resolve Failed messages in your logs, this is a proxy ban my friend.

    3) What emails are you using?

    If you're using Hotmail/Outlook as just about all other SER users, your success rate will be lower. Sites are starting to not allow these to be used because they see so many spam accounts being created using those emails. Make sure you check if the emails used in your project are not blacklisted.

    4) When running a purchased list, are you using a new project?

    Just because you purchased a list, this does not mean that the seller of that list has 100% unique domains compared to the list that you have already built. If you're using SER for scraping, or scraping your own lists, there will be duplicates from the two lists and using an old project you will get Already Parsed messages.

    5) What version of SER are you using?

    Different versions have better or lower success rates using the exact same lists. I don't know exactly why this is though. For me, I have found that 7.51, 7.58, 7.64 run the best from all the versions I have since I started saving them before upgrading SER.

    6) Do you save your failed sites when running a purchased list?

    If you save those sites, and run them through a new project, you will bet higher verification's. Try it, you'll be surprised as to the amount of sites SER will post to the second time around.

    These are just a few things that my group and I have found that makes success rate suffer. Make changes and test test test.

    @JudderMan This does have some truth. But for me, I have 230 dedicated proxies that I need to be able to build my lists, not to mention the OCR, and third party captcha service that I use once in a while. So I guess it all depends on the types of sites you're processing if building your own list is cheaper.

    @gooner Great more competition for me. LOL I love it.

    If anyone is having problems with anything, even using someone else's list, I'm more than willing to help and go over your settings. To a certain point that is. Just send me a PM if you have any questions.
  • Fair point Trev - maybe I shouldn't have said cheaper but 'better' instead. I don't doubt your lists are great, though, and save huge amounts of time.
  • @Trevor_Bandura Don't want to come across as rude but no need to trip over yourself, you obviously aren't the only list seller on here. With that being said, I purchased my crappy list from someone else on here.

    To address your points:
    1) I only use dedicated proxies for posting.
    2) I only use CB to solve BUT the list I purchased was from someone claiming he only ran SER + CB to produce that list, so having an other OCR is irrelevant. I run 40 threads with 20 proxies and rarely get blobbed recaptcha so I'm definitely on the good end.
    3) Back then I was using outlook but so was the seller of the verified list, again irrelevant.
    4) Yes, new project of course.
    5) Always the latest version and even if you saw differences, the overall effect shouldn't be too big or else nobody would update anymore. It seems that accidentally, with some SER upgrades some settings were overwritten, resulting in lower LPM/verified counts or whatever. Can't find the thread right now.
    6) No I don't, thanks for the tip, haven't tried that.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @johnmiller My post meant no disrespect to you at all, i'm sorry if it came across that way. I just mentioned what I did because the title of my service has 30k like you mentioned. And I will be getting that sales thread updated soon because of these changes i've had to make.

    Everything that I posted was to help anyone that are having problems getting verified's. Over the months, many things have changed with sites that I have noticed. They are blocking some emails (IE: Outlook), using recaptcha now. So things that worked before, are not working now. Hence the reason for always testing and trying to stay a head of the game.
  • goonergooner
    I have bought lists from 2 different sellers on here and both were good.
    100+ LPM all the way, IMO it doesn't really matter if the list is shared a little (not mass spammed of course).

    Most are auto-approve links, even the contextuals - Ever notice that Xpress Engine doesn't require email verification for example?

    If the list is fresh (less than say 3 weeks old) the results are always good.

  • No worries @Trevor_Bandura, all good and appreciate the tips. It's weird, seems like a few people sell lists that have 30k+ verifieds? Maybe I was just unlucky with the list I've got if everybody else here reports good results, who knows.

    I might even give your list a try in the future though right now I'm not looking to spend too much, considering my previous experience.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @johnmiller Try making a few changes like I mentioned, or if you want to PM me some questions, I would be more than happy to try and help you out.
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