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Multiple URLs and Anchor+Secondary Anchor

edited November 2012 in Need Help
I'm trying to insert multiple URLs but wish to set to use secondary anchors maybe 20% of the time. I enter my URLs using the option "Add URL and anchor text + secondary anchor text" like below, when I check the option "use secondary anchor text with 13%", do I enter the field provided?{anchor1|anchor2}#anchor3,anchor4{anchor1|anchor2}#anchor3,anchor4

How can we configure the percentage?


  • As far as I understand. When you "add url and anchor text + secondary anchor text" so the anchor and secondary anchor as 'attached' to the url you just check 'use secondary anchor text' and put the percentage that you want and then in the box to the right of the percentage don't put anything in there cause you already have it defined up top with the URL.

  • Yup. I would think so too. Can Sven confirm? Perhaps under such settings, the box can be greyed out to avoid any confusion? 

  • SvenSven
    exactly as you expected yes :)
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