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My IP shows

Hi I just bought the GSA SER last week and started working on it, I bought semi dedicated proxies as well, after one week I can see my IP got listed on "" with my ISP provider name, I used private proxies and I ticked the box "use private proxy" on the GSA Settings
I am new to all these, still learning could somebody help me to understand this please ?

if my proxies got dead will GSA use my real IP instead ?

Kind Regards


  • Did you also tick the box under private and next to submission and any other relevant boxes in the coloumn I've highlighted below?


    If you also ticked the option to "stop projects on no active proxies" then ser will stop when you're private proxies are dead. If you did indeed use this option then your proxies are simply not anonymous. This means they're leaking your IP in some way to websites, and you should look at getting another proxy provider if this bothers you.
  • HI fakenickahl 
    thanks for the help, my mistake I have not ticked them, it seems my proxies getting banned very quick 
    Kind Regards
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